A Segment of Life: Extravagance

People these days are so indulged in material possessions. We always think that money is what we need to live. Yes, we need money to buy our needs but worldly possessions are not enough to keep us living.

We always visit the internet; spend our time in social networking sites, chatting and interacting with the use of technology. BUT, do we take time to visit and read the Bible? Do we take time to commune, to interact and get to know God?

We immediately answer our phone calls, reply to our emails right away, sometimes eagerly waiting for calls from other people. BUT do we hear and answer God’s call in time? Are we willing enough to hear him out?

Because people are too busy, some of them forget to have time for themselves, for their family. What more, a time to talk or to hear God? Some people even say that they believe in God but they never gave Him their time because they are too enveloped in their quest for wealth and love of the world. They value worldly possessions rather than their relationship with God.

As Christians, even if we have no more to give, even if we sacrificed everything, we are still able to live. Why? It’s because God provides for our needs. He knows what we need. We only have to ask him for it. We live by the grace of God. We depend on him for comfort, for provisions, for breakthroughs, and a lot more. That is if we put our faith in Him. If we believe in him and love him unconditionally, he sees our efforts. He gives us even greater things than we could ever imagine at the right time. In his time, everything has its order.

We are all reminded by God that worldly possessions are temporary. When we die, we cannot bring with us our wealth. However, what he gives us is everlasting. His love for us, we can bring in our quest for eternal life with him.


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